Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Busy, busy, busy

Seems like I’m standing still lately and the world is passing me by! I feel terrible that I haven't been blogging and it feels like forever since I’ve posted and even longer since I’m written emails back…sorry to anyone reading this that has sent me an email in the last two weeks with no reply. Lets start way back on Monday of last week that would have been the 15th of January. First major snowstorm of the year, Nanny Nash was here on Sunday evening and spent the night as Curt and I were up and at the hospital for 8am…Curt was a brave sole and went in for a small procedure that is our permanent solution for no more children, if you catch my drift! So Nanny was here to take care of Caleb and get Cameron up and ready for school – which ended up being cancelled, as the buses were not running due to the weather. The procedure went fine and home we came. Things cleared up a little in the afternoon so Nanny ventured for home. Tuesday Cameron has swimming lessons, which went fine, and I took the two boys with me and left Curt at home with his remotes and ice pack. Wednesday was school for Cameron and I stayed home with Curt and Caleb doing laundry and starting to pack for the weekend. Thursday we took Tasha (our doggy) to my in-laws as she was staying with them for the weekend and then home to finish packing. Here are a couple recent photo of Tasha from Christmas time… Friday morning we were up and packed, waiting for my parents (Nanny & Poppy to the boys) to arrive with my grandparents van. We were all loaded in and on the road by 10am! We were off to Beamsville, which is located in the Township of Lincoln in Niagara’s Wine Growing country to see my brother David (or Uncle D as Cameron calls him) and his financé Sarah. Our first stop was in Bowmanville at the service centre just off the 401 for a bathroom break and a quick lunch. Then we were off again to Oakville this time. My brother works for the Lions Foundation of Canada and we stopped to see his office and he had one of the retired dogs do a short demo for us. Cameron was in awe, Tia (a beautiful, football shaped chocolate lab) was trained to help her owner who was wheelchair bound. She opened and closed the fridge, turned the lights on and off and then swung my brothers legs up and into bed. Very interesting and a new group was just starting their training or David would have had some of the newer dogs do a demo for us. Here is a picture of Cameron with his Uncle D and three of the retired dogs that are now owned by the office staff! What a place to work, dogs around all the time!

We spent time with David and Sarah as well as Sarah’s parents for the remainder of the weekend with time in there to go and get my bridesmaid dress sized, bought and paid for and to get both Curt and Cameron sized for their tuxedos. The only other thing that was a highlight for Cameron was of course staying in a hotel for the first time, swimming in the hotel pool as well as getting to see Niagara Falls. It was beautiful…. and freezing cold! Here he is with his Poppy (my Dad) looking over the edge. So, life is busy but I will try to get some more updates in here soon…but no promises.


Wendy said...

Rebecca! I missed you!! I'm so glad you and the boys are okay and hubby is ... well mostly okay! Sounds like a wonderful weekend away. Doesn't it feel good to get a change of scenery - and some spectacular scenery too!