Thursday, February 15, 2007

A funny Valentine's story

Yesterday was Happy Hearts Day and Cameron had a blast at school. Lots of cards, candy and even a party with cake. So he was VERY fired up when he got home off the bus. While he played and talked to Caleb non-stop for two hours, I decided that I should at least make him and Daddy something for I scratched real hard (meaning I used a boxed cake mix) and made them the following from Mommy to them.
Cameron decided that he wanted to call his Nanna and Nanny and wish them a Happy Valentine's Day. Works for me so off we go to the here is where the funny story starts. We called my inlaws first and my FIL was out shovelling snow so he talked to my MIL, wished her a happy v-day and then asked to speak to FIL. MIL told Cameron that when Poppa was back in from shovelling that she would have him call Cameron back. Cameron said "That's okay, I'll just wait" and then he proceeded to sit down with the phone for almost three minutes before I could talk him into hanging up and waiting for Poppa to call back! It was a riot! But it gets better...while we were waiting for Poppa B to call back we decided that we should call my parents and wish them a happy v-day as well. Poppy N answers the phone and Cameron had a chat with him. He tells Poppy that he, Daddy and Caleb bought me a new "thing" for my necklace for v-day...and then Cameron starts crying...and saying..."nothing Poppy, nothing". Well I have no idea what my Dad asked him but he looked at me with BIG teary eyes and says "You don't love me, you didn't get me anything for Valentine's hoo hoo..". My heart broke into about a million pieces at that moment.
I told him to go look on the stove (which is where the cupcakes were) while I talked to my Dad. He comes back into the livingroom still crying and proceeded to tell me the funniest thing..."You got me a rusty old pot for Valentine's." He had gone downstairs and looked on top of the wood burning stove where there is a rusty old pot full of water to boil off into the air. I just about fell on the floor I was laughing so hard! So it was a Valentine's Day to remember. And my FIL did call him back so all was right in Cameron's world again.


Wendy said...

Oh poor Cameron - all he got for Valentine's day was a rusty old pot. Now that's saying I love you! You really must carry on this tradition each Valentine's. I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to find more rusty old pots.