Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A great weekend

My weekend was wonderful, but staying in your pajama's until supper - stitching, is my idea of relaxing! I'm a slow poster so everyone else (but Chrisanne) beat me to the punch...if you want to see how our weekend was as well as some photo's here are the links to the posts by everyone else in attendance (I'm being lazy, can you tell?)
Christin - Thank you Dani
The photo of me on Lynn's post is not the most flattering but I wonder if anyone looking at it will notice the change? Hint, go take a peek, it shouldn't be too hard to spot!
So it was a great time, I just wish I could have stayed on Saturday evening as well but I did have to get home as we celebrated Cameron's 5th birthday on Sunday, TWICE! He had his friends over at noon and then the Nanna's and Poppa's came for supper time.
Of course tonight is already causing excitement at my house, I'm sure we will all be on a sugar high by morning.
Happy Halloween Everyone!


Lynn said...

Glad to hear that the birthday parties went well. I wished I could have stayed at Dani's longer too. It was just sooo relaxing!

tkdchick said...

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! Feel free to run away to my place any time!!!

So did Batman, Robin, and Alfred have a successful Trick-Or-Treating night?