Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Flowers and photos

First I wanted to show the lovely arrangement of flowers that I took with me to retreat that arrived a little early for my birthday from my friends in the UK...the funny thing is, today (April 1st) is my birthday and I received the exact same arrangement with the same card and message again today! I think the flower shop may have gotten a little mixed up but I'm not complaining, as long as my friends were not charged twice. Then while I was at retreat I finished this little beauty that I plan on putting up somewhere in my house, this will be the very first stitching hanging in my house done by me...the first of many I hope!

While there I also put a few stitches in my Godmother...
I also brought along this recent finish which is headed off to a friend, as soon as I get it finished into a cube.
And my new start for the weekend (and what I've gotten a little more done on since coming home) which is L*K's Living With Charm, which I have stitched on black already and now I'm stitching it again on the lighter fabric with the recommended threads.

It is raining today here, but I'm looking forward to lunch out with a friend and then home for the evening with my family. I hope everyone has a wonder APRIL FOOLS!

P.S. I'm not fooling that it is my birthday, you can check...


Kathy A. said...

Way to go girl!! What lovely stitching there.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND! You are one of the treasures in my life!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rebecca
Lovely flowers and great stitiching progress. have a great evening with your boys - I hope they are nice to you!

mbroider said...

Happy Birthday Rebel!! Hope you had a great time:)

Susimac said...

Great stitching and great flowers - Happy Belated birthday to you hope your day was truely wonderful.