Monday, January 04, 2010

A New Year = New Start

Wow, blogger was playing with my post, I've been in three times to edit it now... Anyhoo... Christmas Eve, our tree....

Christmas Eve, my FIL and boys enjoying Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaur
Cameron on Christmas morning...
Caleb on Christmas morning...
And Tasha, so excited on Christmas morning...NOT
Then we had Dani and Todd for New is where Caleb spent a lot of time :-)
The "boys" playing on the Wii... And here is my ort jar on January 2nd (because I forgot to dump it ...oops)
And my BRAND NEW start for 2010 - Ink Circles Kaleidoscope which I started in the morning of January 1st. Here is a picture as of last nights (Jan 3rd) stitching...
So I'm back at work stitching all day in my jammies anymore...until the weekend.
I hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and New Years and I wish you nothing but great things for 2010.


Beatrice said...

Kaleidoscope is terrific...what a wonderful new start.
Looks like everyone had a good time over the holidays..Dani looks very comfy with actually I think HE looks very comfy!!!
Happy New Year my Dear!!

Alberta said...

Ooooo look at those beautiful colours coming alive by your needle! ;-) Love the family photos. Wishing you all the best in 2010~!

Chiloe said...

Boy that chair seems so comfortable to stitch !!! I want the same or move to your house ! lol

Seems liek everybody was having a great time !!!

Happy new year !!!!!!!

Maxine said...

Looks like you had a great time at Christmas :) I can't believe how much of Kaleidoscope you've managed to stitch so quickly it's a fabulous start. Thank you Also Rebecca for popping over to my blog and congratulating me and my OH on our engagment and upcoming wedding :)

Pumpkin said...

Looks like you had a great holiday! Beautiful tree :o) Love the picture of the dog. LOL!

Ohhhhh, I LOVE that IC pattern and boy, you sure got a good chunk of it done. Can't wait to see more :o)

Happy New Year!

AnnMcD said...


I'd say you guys had a great Christmas and New Years. Kaleidoscope is looking terrific. It's fun to stitch isn't it?

Kathy A. said...

What lovely Christmas photos. I love the picture of Dani and Caleb. And she's still managaing to stitch.
Love Kaleidoscope. Nice progress