Saturday, May 22, 2010

ICK and Tulips....

Before I left the house this morning (because I'm working the Saturday of a long weekend....yuck) I took pictures of the two WIPs that have seen some face time in the last couple of weeks. Two tulips, I realized that I did not measure correctly and will not have enough fabric to do all four so now I have to figure out of the last two, which one I want to stitch....decisions, decisions. And ICK, I finished up the last of the black last night before bed, so here is where it currently stands.

I hope everyone is enjoying this wonderful weather, not too bad for a 2-4 weekend, normally it is cold and rainy. Oh well, when I'm done work tonight I have two whole days to get out and enjoy some of it.


Bonnie Brown said...

Wow Your tulips looked really good! Can't wait to see which one you pick to do for the 3rd.
Nice job in ICK. I have been working on PL today, but hope to work on it at least a bit this weekend.
Hope your day at work goes smoothly and hope the weather holds out for your 2 days off.

Karen said...

I feel your pain about working this long weekend! Oh well.. it can't be helped. :) ICK looks great and I look forward to seeing the tulips. :)

Lynn said...

ICK is looking really great! I'm curious to see which tulip you choose. They're all so beautiful. Here's hoping that now your day of work is done you can enjoy what's left of the weekend.

Kathy A. said...

Tulips - beautiful!
Kaleidoscope - stunning. I have always loved this one - maybe someday.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend girl!

Heather said...

Don't you hate it when that happens! Maybe you can stitch one "behind" the other tulips and the 4th one off-set a little, or behind in another area... Just a thought.

ICK looks super! Love the colours and it's coming together very nicely! Great work!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sorry to hear you had to work on Saturday that sucks! Both of your projects are looking great! I would love to start Kaliedascope!!!