Monday, May 02, 2011

Please tell me May will be better?

April was terrible. I got very little stitching done and I do not want to repeat for anything. It was my birthday at the start of the month, we really didn't celebrate. Cameron came down with the flu, down and out for a week...lost 10 pounds. Then he complained of a sore throat, so in we go - strep throat. Started his meds and he wasn't getting better...down another 5 pounds. Back into the doctors and he is allergic to the "cillin" total he missed school for three weeks and three days and lost 15 pounds. Now, he is a big boy to start but when you can see the weightloss in his wrists...too much. I do not want to do that again. Alright, my pity party is over now. Back to stitching.


Dani - tkdchick said...

HUGS! I hope you can come stitch with us so you can "unwind" from all this crazyness you've had in the last month. Poor Cameron!

Bonnie Brown said...

My goodness!!! Hope he is feeling better
Sucks about your birthday, I was supposed to celebrate mine on Sunday, but yard work has to be done, and I'm away the next weekend... Oh well
Hopefully your birthday gift from the cosmos is a more relaxed May with lots of stitching opportunities!

Alberta said...

Hope you and the family are better sucks when loved ones are ill.

Anonymous said...

Bad month. Hope this one is better!

By the way, did you get my email? No rush to respond, just want to check that it didn't get junked. Let me know if you want me to resend.

Erica said...

1. May will be better
2. Happy belated birthday. Sorry I missed it!
3. So sorry your Cameron has been ill! I hope he's back on the mend quickly. It's scary when our babies get sick, isn't it?

Lynn said...

Wow, poor Cameron really got whalloped good! I hope he's over everything now and back to feeling much better. Sorry about your birthday. Motherhood can be a pretty demanding job at times.
Will I see you at Dani's next weekend?