Saturday, June 09, 2012

The current project - and the current time grabber

I signed myself up for a mystery stitching SAL (something I've never done before) after seeing the middle panel which appealed to me as did the fact that it wasn't a requirement that I finish one part before receiving the next and the whole pattern would be shared by the end of the year so if we weren't done, the whole pattern was still ours.  On the above link it shows a whole series of stitchers work - I'm no where close to that!

Here is where I'm at right now...

I'm loving this one and look forward to having it done to hang in my home.

Now for the time grabber...

I have both a coach and player in my home which equals practice twice a week and Saturday games.  Cameron loves it and I think Dad is excited to share his passion for the game as well.  They just texted me, they won today 18 - 0! 

A few of weeks ago my brother was around for the long weekend in May and his girlfriend snapped the following pictures (as well at the two above) which I love...

A little ways to grow....

I always knew they were related...but I think this is great proof.

I hope everyone is well...enjoy the nice weather as much as you can - I'm headed out to weed the vegetable garden now...


Xine said...

I did Book of Ink Circles, as it was released as a MSAL. Was fun.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Rebecca,

That Mystery SAL sounds like the perfect arrange-
ment. I'm not keen on the kind that you have to
keep up with no matter what either. I don't need
rules and regulations and deadlines for something
that's suppose to be a fun and relaxing hobby.

They triangles that look like fabric swatches
must be fun to stitch and look wonderful.
And I love that checkerboard patterned border.
This is going to be so cute when it's done.

Love the pictures of your DH and son ...
especially the last one of the two goofing for
the camera!!! Boys will be boys!


Dani - tkdchick said...

Your Mystery is coming along great I love the picture of Caleb and Uncle D!

Lynn said...

Love your Mystery SAL! I just finished seeing it on one of the blogs from the UK. She's enjoying it as much as you are.
Looks like the boys are having a great time! That should keep them out of your hair for a bit, lol!

Andrew McAllister said...

Hi Rebecca, Thanks for stopping by my blog to comment about my newly published novel. You're too kind with your words - thanks! You really made my day. And I saw your comment just after receiving this email from a young lady, so I'm having a great evening :) "Congratulations on your novel! My girlfriend recommended that I check it out! I downloaded it onto my kindle and finished it in one afternoon while I was on a train! It was great! I really enjoyed it. Any prospects for another one?"

I remember when my guys were playing football and basketball (in fact, my youngest is still running track). Those are great times - enjoy!!
All the best,