Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Personality to spare

This picture is going to be one to blackmail Caleb with in years to come...but shows his personality - this is how he wandered out from his room one morning...

My youngest (Caleb) is a character and a half.  The stuff this kid comes out with makes us all laugh at least once a day.  At the moment, we still have our UK friends living with us so he is starting to pick up on some of their sayings as well.  In the kitchen yesterday, something fell on the floor and Siobhan went to grab it, cursing under her breathe as the dog had knocked it over.  Caleb pipes up - "It's okay Siobhan, just say "Bloody 'ell" like Frank and get it over with!" - we were all in stitches.

Here are a few of the random questions/comments we have gotten in the last week:

- are triplets three babies born at the same time?
- if God created Adam and Eve, why would he bother with the dinosaurs and evolution?
- eating dessert before supper will make me stronger.
-why do I have to brush my teeth in the morning, I already do it before bed?

Caleb, you are the light that shines each day - and I love you to the moon and back....after the bed bugs get you.

Love Mom


Bonnie Brown said...

OMG Rebecca this was hilarious!

I agree Caleb is a character :)

I do happen to agree with him on one thing though... dessert first does make you stronger

Rebel Blossom @ Studio 2sixty said...

Adorable! and I happen to agree with a few of his questions...what a great photo.

Lynn said...

Too funny! I loved this post!!
And that will be a great photo to use for blackmailing, lol!