Saturday, November 03, 2012

The playground story

Last night was the Pampered Chef party to support the local playground.  Thank you to everyone who came out to support this venture.

Here is the background story on "the playground".

On Good Friday, my family decided to join the local church (St. Luke's) for  their annual Easter Village Walk.  Which is basically a walk around the community, stopping at historical sites along the way to tell the story of Easter.  While on this little walk, we came upon the Camden East Playground, in which every child among us raced off to "play on".  Only one problem, almost every piece of equipment was broken or missing.  Our oldest got to the one swing and the second he started to move, my husband (Curt) pulled him off as you could see the bar bending and breaking above his head.

Both Curt and the local minister (John, who is a 30something, father of three himself) decided that something needed to be done.  Curt went to our location township and asked them if anything was being done to make this a safe place for our kids to play again and the answer was, maybe.  So he then asked if nothing was going to be done, could he at least take it upon himself to remove the equipment that was unsafe so no one would get hurt.  They agreed that the equipment could come out. 

Once the ball started rolling, it moved like a freight train!  The community started getting wind of "the guy" clearing the playground and they all starting coming out to help.  While Curt was working on this, the township decided that yes, they really should invest in some new equipment and received a grant from Hydro One to help with the costs (playground equipment is crazy expensive).  So Curt and his band of volunteers took out ALL the equipment, cut down about 9 larger trees and countless amounts of scrub brush and cleared the area for new equipment to be installed.

September 13th was an amazing day with the new equipment installed and then the kids....we didn't know there were so many kids in the community!

 Opening Ceremonies on September 22nd - Camden East - Old Mill Street Playground

My Husband - Curt

And things have been busy there ever since, now the rain and the cold have "slowed things down", but I'm sure as soon as the nice weather hits again in the spring, I'll be vacuuming sand out of my car again.


Lianne said...

Camden East is very, very, very lucky to have such a caring family in their midst, with a father that leads by example - AMAZING!!!! Hearing about your family and how through a willingness to start to pull the load and by doing so brought everyone together is fantastic! Way to go!!!!!!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow what a way you and Curt mobilized your community to do a GREAT thing! Isn't it a good feeling to be involved and see the results of that hard work?