Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wonderful Weekend Away

Each year, the second weekend in November is reserved for my Mom and I to attend the Knowledge and Needles Retreat at the Timber House.  This is my Christmas present from my parents...and I love it! 

My Mom drives to mine, we pack my stuff into the car and make the hour drive to Brighton.  And then, let the stitching begin!

 Here was my view for most of the weekend (moving from my left to my right) as I attempted to have a NUMB BUM and by doing so, accomplished a lot of stitching!

  The lady on the end of the couch in the photo below is my lovely Mom...

 Saturday afternoon my Mom went for a short walk through the park between the resort and the beach (she walked the beach as well) and then returned, handed me my coat and told me to bring my camera.  My Dad does metal works as a hobby and she found some that she wanted me to capture to give him some new ideas.  I've already put an order in for an owl...
 Our friend from Georgian Bay wants the flamingo....
 And a couple of these at the cottage would not go a miss....

Saturday evening was a meal at our hostesses home, with her husband (and friends) as chef(s).

Here is the menu....and photos of the dishes listed.

 It was a lovely meal, thank you again Dan!

One of the stitchers (Sharon) is working on creating 60....yes 60 ornaments for a club she belongs to, she brought what she had done....look at all these lovely snowflakes!

This one was my favourite....

And I did get stitching done!  To see where I was before I left, visit this post.

I finished my Lizzie Kate HO HO HO in a row
 And put a huge dent in my summer seasonal mandala!
 I love the colours in this one and the little sun peeking out is my favourite part...and now I'm thinking I should have done fall and winter and left this one to last.
Others in attendance that have also posted about this retreat are:  Ann, Bonnie, Dani (she has a great picture of Lianne and I on there) and Christin


Bonnie Brown said...

Great post and pics
It was great seeing you again!!

Lynn said...

Looks like it was a whole lot of fun but I was having my own with the grandkids. I don't see them often enough!
You made some great progress on your stitching. Love the toenail polish, btw!

Kerry said...

Happy New Year to you, I have been in hiding for a while. I am recouperating from a broken arm. So I have not stitched since my accident,I fell on Nov 29th. I was in the hospital for 16 days. Keep in touch.Again Happy New Year.