Friday, June 14, 2013


On Tuesday, my coworker and I traveled to the "big city" of Toronto for the OPTA AGM.  It was a long day with train rides at both ends of the day but I have been thinking a lot lately about the key note speaker's main point.  10-80-10   everything in life can be broken up into the top 10%....80% in the middle, and the bottom 10%.  Here is what he has on his website:

The 10-80-10 Principle®

The 10-80-10 Principle® is a framework that allows you to increase your performance and results by focusing your energy and efforts on highest yielding activities. The Principle was created by Sunjay Nath and it help individuals and teams operate at a dynamic level.
Every person or group already exhibits behaviors that are Top 10 (percent) – those behaviors that lead to high performance and achievement. What people lack is the knowledge to consistently operate at that dynamic Top 10 level. The 10-80-10 Principle® rewards and grows Top 10 behaviors and eliminates Bottom 10 actions. (He also has a book on this....)

What really struck me with this was his example of how he applied  the principle to his own life and by increasing his effort in his top 10% by walking more, and not focusing time, money or effort into his bottom 10% - eating out at McDonald's, he was about to slowly lose weight and get healthy.  Trying to get healthy is not hard work, stop focusing on the bottom and focus on the top.  And the example of those that decide they need to get healthy and spend more and more time on counting points/calorie etc really struck home.  When I'm not counting every calorie I eat, I stay the same or slowly lose.  As soon as I start keeping tracking and having a "calorie goal" each day I see the weight start creeping up.

So my point for my post today - I'm focusing on the top 10% and the other 90% can flounder on their own.  No more counting, calculating or more scales, just focusing on the top 10% (eating great tasting, fresh foods and being active as much as possible) and enjoying the summer.


Lianne said...

Thanks for sharing this Rebecca. I am intrigued, I will have to take a closer look at this on my vacation.

I agree, when I focus on what is truly important, I always get a better result. Can't wait for the local farmer's market to start offering some great summer produce - your post has me thinking of all the things that I can't wait to eat at this time of year.... berries, rhubarb, cucumbers,, hmmmmmmm ;-))

Bonnie Brown said...

very very interesting! Definitely something to think about