Thursday, November 07, 2013

Pet Peeve

 So for those that don't really "know me", I take public transit to and from work everyday.  I drive my lovely Cadillac CTS from my home, into the local "mall" and then ride.  Lately I've noticed a lot of very rude people.  I ride Kingston Transit using a monthly pass that I buy as part of my wages as a City of Kingston employee.  Kingston Transit has a list of  "be nice to each other" recommendations posted all over the interior including who can sit in the seats closest to the front.  Increasingly, the younger generations (we have two colleges and a university here) have become ruder and ruder.  I'm not "old" but I still seem to be the first one out of my seat if I see anyone older than myself who does not look able to stand while the bus is in motion.  This morning I finally had enough and tapped a young lady on the shoulder, asked her to move her purse from the inside seat and put my fat butt in her face to sit in the seat.  She huffed and swore at me and I finally addressed her with "do you think you are so important that you get to use two seats while other have to stand?"  She informed me that she paid to get on, she could use all the seats she wanted.  At this time, the driver had pulled the bus over and was coming towards us to see what the problem was.  I let the other "girl" explain, and the bus driver stuck out his hand to shake mine and told me that he was so happy that someone had finally just did what everyone else wanted to do.  She was appalled, but not as much as when the driver asked her to leave his bus and find alternative transportation!  The funniest part was watching all the others that were doing the same thing as she had, gather their things and move into the inside seat so the rest of the passengers (it was a full bus) could take seats as well.  I had more than one person tell me that they have thought of doing that but never had the guts.

Do you have a pet peeve?


Bonnie Brown said...

Yes it is disgusting. I don't take transit, but do ride the subway and go train in Toronto on occasions. Thanksgiving weekend we went to TO so see a play and unfortunately the subway we needed to take was down. They provided buses, but as you can imagine, it was crowded. I didn't notice the taking up 2 seat thing, but why can't a younger person stand the f&ck up and give their seat to an elderly person or someone else who needed it. It was appalling to see elderly women try and hang on the bars when there was teenagers and twenty something sitting down.
I for one was sitting at one point but did get up for an older person.
I agree... something should have been said! I'm glad you spoke up :)

Anonymous said...

Way to go Rebecca!!!
God help the younger generation if someone made them aware. It might hurt their self-esteem.


Xine said...

Good for you. If their parents didn't teach them, someone needs to. I hope that my sons learned better transit manners (didn't take the bus with them), will have to ask them.

Alberta said...

Thank you for doing what so many would not or could not do. I hope common curtisies spread.