Friday, February 28, 2014

Being a Mom

We have lots happening in our home but right now the thing that is taking over our home is the addition of a washroom "en suite" to our bedroom as well as new everything in the bedroom....and because of this, lots of stuff is getting muddled through. 

I read the following online the other day: The Mom Confession

And I keep replaying this over in my head " Motherhood isn’t based on external markers of perfection" my kids have taken baloney sandwiches all week and no homework was completed with my help.

Next week will be the same, and the week after that as well, so just bear with me, please....they don't look too worse for wear....


Anonymous said...

They look happy. And that's what counts.

When I first had Heather, my wise father told me I would get frustrated, that I was used to getting stuff done every day and I would feel like I wasn't doing anything. But, he told me, each day I would have nurtured Heather for one more day. And that's a huge something.


Lynn said...

Love this pic of the boys! Did they win for the best hair that day?
Just think of the end result to get you through all the turmoil. I'm sure that bath and bedroom is going to be fabulous!