Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The boys

Cameron and Caleb were both awesome this weekend at my grandparents cottage. Cameron was all excited, his Daddy took him fishing and he caught his first fish (a bass, this past weekend was the season opening). He wouldn't hold it but he did watch Daddy clean it and had a HUGE portion of fish for supper that night! Here is a picture of him and his Daddy.

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And Caleb is growing by leaps and bounds. He is one happy, smily, giggly little boy and here is a picture I took of him yesterday copying the cow in front of has it's tongue sticking out!

And I'm doing well too!


Annie said...

Very cute! How do you find any time to cook with these 2 little cuties?
The Gooey butter cakes look awesome, but I don't want to make them because they look too dangerous to have in my fridge:)

rathgild said...

I've just started looking at your blog as you are right after me in the Cross Stitch bloggers ring. You've been really evil though giving all those lovely recipes diverting me away from my stitching. lol. Your photos are lovely and I have to say the fishing picture is so sweet. I don't know who is cuter, your little boy, all accomplished, or daddy, next too him glowing with pride. You're a lucky lady to have such a wonderful family.

The Cookbook Junkie said...

Nick started fishing this year already, at 2 1/2. But then the snakes started coming out so he hasn't been able to go lately. He still mentions it everyday. He even talks about fishing in his sleep!

Stitch or no stitch said...

What a lovely family you have. How exciting for Cameron that he caught his first fish - a very big event indeed.