Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I'm a bad blogger...

I am, I really am! I started this to keep family and friends and online pals up-to-date on what was happening in my life and I haven't been doing that. And that won't be happening tonight either! DH is away moose hunting this week and I had GRAND ideas about what I was going to get done without him around as a distraction and BOY WAS I WRONG! It is now Wednesday night, I am just now starting into the laundry that has been piling up since FRIDAY and loading the first of probably three loads of dishes into the dishwasher, and I have been washing them, I swear. So, what is new here...I think Cameron and I are too much alike, that is why we butt heads on each and every issue. Why does he do so well in school (even though he got a note home tonight about not wanting to try something new) but at home he just butts heads with me over each and every issue. Getting him dressed and out the door to the bus in the morning takes 2 HOURS and me having to pretty much force-feed and dress him or he would be late...and yes, I've thought of him missing the bus just so he could have the shock and maybe kick it into gear the next day but then he would be home with me all guessed it, butting heads! Tonight he asked for spaghetti for supper, so I go about making it for him. In the meantime I put away the few groceries that Caleb and I picked up this afternoon...the little poop snuck an applesauce, Rice Square and a cheesestring out from under my nose. Of course once dinner was made, he wasn't hungry. Fine, his meal sat at the table getting cold and I refused to get him anything else to eat before bedtime. 7:30pm rolls around and we have been headbutting all night, so I send him off to bed. 8:30pm rolls around, my grandmother calls and as I'm chatting to her, I hear his bedroom door open. I think nothing of it as I assume he has gotten up to use the facilities...nope, the little pooper is sitting at the kitchen table, eating his spaghetti! Off we go to REBRUSH his teeth and into bed. Anyway, on to another topic. Went this past weekend to one of my best friends weddings, the one I'm stitching the Apache Wedding Blessing for. I'm still stitching on it, that was something else I was going to work on this week, it is still packed away from travelling. The wedding was beautiful and the best part was that the blessing I'm stitching was part of the ceremony! I was so excited when I heard the minister start reciting it! I do have pictures but they are still on the camera, I will add them at a later date.

Well, time to go switch the loads in the laundry, put a few stitchs into something and then head off to bed, tomorrow will be another day.

Oh yea, thanks for reading my short novel this be continued.


Christine Doyle said...

ROFL! At least he isn't stuffing his face with candy and the like. He is a growing boy and at least he ate his spaghetti! lol! Can you tell I am secretly rooting for Cameron?