Sunday, November 19, 2006

Flooded basements and puffy eyes

We have had a large amount of rain here in the last week, and we found out the hard way on Thursday night that our sump pump was not working in the basement. I checked the "hole" on Thursday night after supper and there was just a little tiny bit of water in the bottom (as much as is normally there)...when I went to go down and fill Tasha's dish (the dog) before we went to bed, there was over an inch across THE WHOLE basement. Now, the basement isn't finished totally but it does have carpet in 90% and we do have a lot of "stuff" stored down there. Curt took a whole truck load of soagy, stinky wet stuff to the dump yesterday. I'm just glad that we had all the boys clothes and the extra blankets etc. that were down there, stored in plastic rough totes or bins. We rented two giant (AKA noisy) construction fans yesterday and are now in the process of lifting carpet sections, drying under them and then moving on. Which means moving everything in the basement about three times. Oh well, at least we didn't lose anything of great value. Now if we could just get things dried out and the stink gone I would be happy. I think my puffy eyes (I can hardly get my lids open) are from all the dust and damp getting blown around in the house. We have the woodstove burning as hot as we can and the windows open upstairs it is so hot. Anyways, off to move some more things and flip more carpet and move the fan again.


Wendy said...

Oh no Rebecca, how awful! I'm glad to hear that you didn't lose anything of value at least but what a lot of work. I cringe to think of a basement flood, all my stash, fabric stash and scrapbooking supplies are in our basement 'craft' room. Yikes!

Kerry Crochets said...

Oy! So miserable! Nothing like a flood to brighten your weekend, huh? Hope it all dries out soon!