Wednesday, December 13, 2006

An update you have all been waiting for...

Well, I'm not sure about "the waiting for" part but it feels like forever since I've posted! Lots has happened so I will put them all down and then as time permits, I will put in individual posts or at least elaborate more on each one...
1.) Friday, finished off Christmas shopping with hubby and then got his eyes tested, new glasses there as well so only Caleb to go and we will all be 4-eyes in my house. Just what I wanted to do right before Christmas, two new sets of glasses, close to $300.00 each, that is hard on the pocketbook when you aren't working and it is the Christmas season.
2.) Friday, Cameron arrived home from school to his Nanny who feed him and took him to swimming lessons where we met them after getting DH's glasses.
3.) Friday, Cameron decided that coughing until he was sick was a good idea and Mommy sat up with him until 4am when he decided that he wanted Daddy to take him to the doctor, off to the emerg room with Daddy for some heavy duty cough medicine.
4.) Saturday, Daddy and Cameron stayed home while Mommy and Caleb got a few groceries and picked up Cameron's prescription cough syrup. We missed the kids Christmas party for my work, oh well, no one wanted Cameron's cough.
5.) Sunday, up and out of the house early to head to my parents, to church for 11am where we had Caleb christened. Snotty nose and all.
6.) Sunday, home as early as possible to get ready for the week.
7.) Monday, DH is working, Cameron decided he was going to school, cough or no cough. So off he went for the day. Home and then to skating lessons (which went really well for a change, no tears this time).
8.) Monday, home from skating getting boys ready for bed, Mom isn't feeling 100%, turny tummy and after Daddy is home from work and the boys were in bed, Mommy's tummy tossed its supper, all over the bathroom floor.
9.) Monday night, Mommy is up most of the night with a sick tummy and runny bum - sorry if TMI!
10.) Tuesday, Daddy has to head to work so Mommy calls in SUPERNANNY for the day.

So it is only Wednesday now and so far a pretty crumby week. So bad, that I haven't even put a stitch in anything!


Christine Doyle said...

Ewww. Being sick isn't fun for anyone. I hope you all start feeling better soon!

Wendy said...

You poor girl! I remember those days too well. And when Mommy gets sick, everything else still needs to be done - kids looked after, meals prepared, tidying and exhausting! Try to rest up for Christmas!!