Thursday, January 04, 2007

A Meme...for a change

Anyone who reads Coffee Cup Thoughts was tagged by Christine and seeing that I don't do these very often I thought I would add it here...if you haven't done this already, please feel free to do so! A - Available or single?: Not applicable, happily married for 7+ years. B- Best Friend?: Hubby and a couple of gal pals that are a toss up! C - Cake or pie?: PIE! A thick slice of apple with a piece of squeeky new cheese on the side D - Drink of choice?: I’m with Christine on this one - COFFEE E - Essential item I use every day: Coffee Maker F - Favorite color?: Red G - Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms?: Bears, but no red ones, I’m allergic to the colouring! H - Hometown?: Lansdowne, Ontario I - Indulgence?: English chocolate, when our friends come to visit, I horde it for later! J - January or February?: January. February is too dreary, other than I stay inside and get a lot of stitching done! K - Kids and names?: Cameron and Caleb M - Marriage date?: September 11, 1999 N - Number of siblings?: One brother O - Oranges or apples: Apples (Granny Smith if you please) P - Phobias or fears?: HEIGHTS! Q - Favorite quote: Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings forget how to fly – unknown R - Reasons to smile: Sunrises and baby smiles S - Season: Spring (I would love to be able to live in jeans and t-shirts) T - Tag 3 or 4 people: Anyone reading this, consider yourself tagged! V - Vegetable you don’t like?: Peppers (of any sort, green, red, yellow - all are eewww) W - Worst habit: hitting the snooze button more times than I should. X - X-Rays?: Dental yes, for broken bones, no. Y - Your favorite food?: Mom’s cabbage casserole and my MIL’s fresh apple pie with a slice of new cheese on the side. Z - Zodiac sign?: Aries.I was born with the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Virgo, which gives me a complex and varied character. With the Sun in Aries my essential qualities are determination, leadership, and dynamism. Others see me as a practical, down-to-earth, prudent person. If you want to see more – here is the link LINKY LINK


Christine Doyle said...

How did I miss the coffee maker as the essential item? Apparently I didn't have nearly enough caffeine that day!