Thursday, January 17, 2008

I've been......TAGGED!

My friend Lynn (Kearnel's Korner) tagged me with the following.... 4 JOBS I HAVE HAD... Library Page - moving into a clerk before leaving for college Swimming Instructor/Lifeguard Volunteer Coordinator for the Canadian Interuniversity Athletic Union - answer the phone with that mouthful! Box Office Coordinator 4 MOVIES I WATCH OVER AND OVER... Cutting Edge The Guardian American Pie series Shrek series 4 PLACES I HAVE LIVED... Lansdowne, ON Oshawa, ON Camden East, ON Sorry, only three places total... 4 TV SHOWS I WATCH... Criminal Minds CSI (all three) House Grey's Anatomy 4 PEOPLE WHO EMAIL ME REGULARILY... MIL & FIL BIL & SIL Tracy Melissa 4 FAVOURITE FOODS... Ritz crackers Greek anything Mom's homemade cabbage casserole lemon squares 4 PLACES I WOULD RATHER BE... The cottage in the summer At home in my stitching chair - stitching Playing outside in the snow with my boys Somewhere warm and sunny with sand between my toes 4 THINGS I LOOK FORWARD TO... Warmer weather (no snowsuits to fight with) The weekend Vacation with company at the end of March/beginning of April Time....for just me, somewhere in the near future! 4 PEOPLE TO TAG Well, I'm sure there are some that haven't been tagged so if you haven't been - considered yourself - TAGGED!


Wendy said...

Another library page ~ that's so funny. I wonder why so many of us started out that way?

'Berta said...

I'm sorry I haven't worked in a library but...I love to spend time there! So many books, so little time!
Anyways I tagged myself!

tkdchick said...

Love learning these little tidbits about people!