Monday, January 21, 2008

A new machine...

Nothing much exciting happening at our house, unless you count my new purchase on my way home from work on would have thought I brought home the newest electronic toy! Here is what I purchased...

Yup, a new vacuum cleaner! The old one lasted almost 9 years so it didn't owe us anything but was causing me troubles each time I used it so I stopped and bought the "new" version! I got the one that you do use bags in as I find it helps with the dog hair in my house.

But everyone (including Caleb) had to take it for a spin and the floors in my house have never been so well vacuumed before!

Sorry, grasping at straws on things to post but we were all very excited about this purchase LOL!


~V said...

oohhh it's purple!!!! I'd buy it just because of that! lol

(tammy directed me your way -- I live down the street from her)

Beatrice said...

I agree I like the color..Good for you happy vacuuming.
And stitch with happy fingers.

Yuko said...

Hi! I found your blog from someone's blog or comment (I forgot where I came through to here)!
You are Sunflower, too?
I have done the same quiz and I was also a Sunflower! :D
By the way, your new vacuum cleaner looks very beautiful!
I love the colour of it!
I hope it will work hard more than the last one to help you a lot! :D