Monday, March 10, 2008

WOW! What a storm

I was home all weekend and I'm so glad I was. What a nasty storm. Poor DH had to work on Friday and Saturday night and I've never seen him so relieved as when his friend call him and told him that he would come and pick him the end of the road as the plow had not been thru and there was no way we were getting any vehicle close to the main road! With that in mind I have a funny story from yesterday. Our 4-wheeler with driveway plow is stored in the shed at the back of the property. DH went out to get it to clear our drive and he could tell just walking out that is wasn't going to work...too much snow. So he started shovelling a path to the 4-wheeler or at least making the drifts a little shorter. He then comes in the house and tells me to get my stuff on, he needs my help. Great...I was stitching where it was nice and warm. Out I go to find that he has hooked the 4-wheeler to the front of the truck by means of a very long cord... and my job was to back the truck up and in turn, PULL the 4-wheeler out of the back yard and into the drive! I was shocked, it actually worked. I have no pictures (yet, they are still on the camera) but our place/house/yard/driveway looked very similar to Dani's, Beatrice's, Ann's, and Lynn's. Snow, snow and more snow. And of course is was very windy yesterday and I had to get poor DH up early this morning to plow with the 4-wheeler once again so I could get my car out of the driveway. I was stitching away this weekend but for a surprise for someone so I can't show pictures...yet. But know that I made great progress and I even looked after the kids, made a lasagna, lemon cupcakes and then looked after a pukey Cameron...poor boy isn't feeling well at all, glad he is home with DH. And of course to top things off, it was -26 degrees Celsius this morning....BBBBUUUURRRR


velda said...

It was CRAZY windy yesterday! I'm so done with this the way Tammy lives in our town too lol, small world!And we ALL cross stitch~

~Tammy said...

I knew you were in my area from Dani. Funny Velda would mention me, she is one my oldest and best friends. Incredibly small world.

We will have to try and meet some time.

Beatrice said...

Sounds like a spring stitching day is in order!
What a weekend! -10 at the moment.

AnnMcD said...

Don'cha love living in Canada?

Kathy A. said...

Don'cha love wintering in AZ.
Goodness girl, I hope you all dig out sometime soon LOL