Sunday, November 30, 2008

A finish! And a start...

Whispered by the Wind
28 count flax linen
DMC 4130
I finished this up because I couldn't wait to get start on the project for my best friend who is due to have her first baby in April - maybe the baby and I will share a birthday!

Sepia Tones Baby
Maria Diaz
28 count white Lugana
This is actually stitching up surprisingly fast. I thought for sure all those browns would give me a headache but I enlarged the pattern (four modest pages) and I'm being very diligent about highlighting what I have stitched to make it easier to pick up and keep going. And I will be doing the back stitch as I go...once I get DMC 3781 because it seems to be missing from my collection. Anyway, cheers all - I'm off to get some actual work done at work....don't tell anyone I was here :-) ***EDIT***I typed this up at home on Sunday but then saved it as a draft to finish on the high speed at work, as well as add the pictures...that is why it is dated for Sunday but showed up on Wednesday!


Alberta said...

Love Etude...what a beauty.

I also highlight a more complicated chart so I don't lose track, especially when I put it down! Frogs can just stay away from my stitching! Love the softness of those sepia tones!

Beatrice said...

Whoo hoo congrats on the finish It's beautiful and I see a very nice start.
I pretty much do the same work order. Enlarge and mark!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your finish is just stunning Rebecca! Great new start, and I'm glad you've found time for stitchign between all the work you're doing!