Saturday, April 03, 2010

A new start....just for me.

Thank you to everyone who sent me a little note for my birthday (April Fools Day) via Facebook or email. It was a pretty low-key day seeings that I had to work and then come home and be a single Mom for the evening while DH worked 4pm until midnight. And with Easter starting things just didn't seem to be going in the "birthday route" so I've just let it slid. But I did start another new project, very spring like and just for me :-)

I was looking for something very spring like and I could look at this all is a freebie from the DMC website. And before I forget.....HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!


Kerry said...

Happy Birthday from one fool to another. My birthday was pretty quiet as well. I have two grown up daughters who have told me we will celebrate when everyone gathers here on Sunday. As we grow older the birthday celebrations seem to not matter quite as much. Now I have four grandchildren that love to party! Thanks for following my blog, I am now following you as well. Happy Easter!

Jennifer said...

Happy April Birthday Rebecca!! I am behind in reading blogs etc. I hope you are able to celebrate this weekend . Mine is next week , and my daughters the 16th . Hers usually trumps mine but that's life as an adult!! I love your new spring start. Happy Easter and have a wonderful long weekend

Bonnie Brown said...

love the flowers
Can't wait to see your progress on it! :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

That's a perfect new start Rebecca. I'm sorry your b-day turned out to be an ordinary day, you should be made to feel special on your b-day!

Lynn said...

Happy Belated Birthday Rebecca! This is the first time I've had a chance to get back online. I flew home on your birthday.
I think your new start is so pretty. I've always loved tulips.
And my oh my, did you stitch up a storm at Ann's retreat! Great work.

Pumpkin said...


Hope you had a great Easter Rebecca :o)