Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lots of stitching....

So my weekend away was lovely...surprising Ann for her birthday was priceless and instead of boring you with the details I'll show you what I accomplished. First up are the three little ones that I started and finished over the course of the weekend... Upclose of the butterfly to show you the lovely colours in the varigated thread I used. This would have shown up better on white or black but I worked with what I had, the three little ones are all stitched on the same piece of fabric :-) "far out" shot of the butterfly... A Lizzie * Kate freebie from their website... And the three little spookies.... Since getting home I've been working on my Spirit of Christmas...the purple highlighter is where I was as of last night.

So life is busy, work is crazy and of course this weekend is Easter. Looks like I got voted as the host of Easter Sunday as the inlaws are coming over for church in the morning, Cameron will be getting his service cross and it is something they don't want to miss.
Stitching this week is on my Growth Rings and a little that is of tulips I picked up out of my stash last night so I should have more updates for you shortly.


Bonnie Brown said...

Your finishes and your wip's looking amazing... you did very well on retreat weekend!
Can't wait to see more WIP pics :)
If your still up for it, would love to meet up on May 1st. Let me know :)
Have a great Easter weekend!!!

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Glad you had a great weekend and were able to have some finishes too.
Be always in stitches.