Tuesday, November 05, 2013

401...what is so special about 401?

Well, today marks my 401th blog post!  Nothing really special about it other than I have a lot of recipes and stitching that I have shared as well as lots of photos' of my kids etc.  Maybe I should make 401 special....maybe I should have a giveaway!  I could do what to give away.  I'm not one to just dig in my stash and find a couple of things that I don't think I want or need anymore and I think I would like it to be a little more personal than that.  So, here is what I'm going to do.  If you comment on this post in the next week (so before midnight on the 11th of November - Remembrance Day) I will come visit your blog (or send you a quick email) and poke around to see what you like.  I will then personally stitch something for you ... and just you.  No promises on timeline etc, that will totally depend on your style and the size of project that I decide to tackle, I will promise you it will be worth your while.

So make sure to comment, and of course share this with anyone you think would be interested...and if I can figure out how to track the "shares" then I may just enter you in the draw twice.

See - 401 is special!

11/11/13 - Commenting is closed - and the winner is:  CHRISTINE


Alberta said...

Boy was I way off! I thought your 401 was a highway reference. Wrong!

Congratulations on the 401st blog post Rebecca.

Anonymous said...

Don't have a blog but would love to be included in the give away. Sorry I am goign to miss Ann's retreat this weekend. Have fun.

Xine said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog. Congratulations on entry #401. My blog has been sadly neglected of late, but is

Not sure when we'll be picking up Thomas to bring him home for Christmas, but will see if I can time it so I can drop by for a cup of tea and say hi!