Monday, November 04, 2013

The world didn't come to an end....

So the power cable pooched on the modem, nothing earth shattering but we forget how dependent we have become on the World Wide Web (AKA WWW).  At our home both the DH and I have smartphones, the oldest has a tablet and we have a laptop.  I cannot count on both my hands the number of times we went to "just check on something" or "I'll just look that up", only to receive either really slow results (we have very limited service with our data at home, the #1 reason we got wireless to begin with) or an error message and to check our internet connection.

But we survived and the cable is coming by courier in "24 to 48 hours" which means if it is not there today, it will be there tomorrow.  Luckily, work still has a great connection :)

Today marks a special day in our house, 11 years ago we went from 2  to  3!  So I wanted to wish Cameron a wonderful 11th birthday - born 11 years ago on opening day deer hunting, which is happening today as well!

Here is one of my favourite pictures of him, with his cheeky little grin...

And I've posted about his birthday in the past, so if you want to see "baby" pictures...follow these two links to his 4th b-day and his  9th b-day.

Love you to the moon and back, but I won't tell anyone (or kiss you in-front of your friends)!

Love Mom.