Thursday, June 22, 2006

What else I'm dealing with now.

So this week we had Caleb's two month appointment, which went fine. He is now close to 13 lbs and another inch taller to make him 23 and a half inches! He is so long that he is now into 6-9 month sleepers at 9 weeks old! He was given two immunizations which he didn't like but tolerated just fine. And Cameron had an appointment with the optometrist because since he was little we noticed when he was tired that one of his eyes would wander. Well, we were right, there is a problem. He has exotropia which is that his eyes don't always work together. This is a really good description and photo on the following site: Pediatric Ophthalmic Cameron's eyes both have this condition. So, we are now waiting to hear from the Pediatric Ophthalmologist who is the specialist. Hope we can correct this before he heads off to school in September! Our last resort would be the surgery...hopefully exercises and maybe a patch/glasses will help the correction. The worst of it is that he has it in both eyes, so which do you patch? Oh well, we will wait for answers.


candycane926 said...

Hey Rebb love the site. Jeffs sister son Daniel has the same eye problems and my best friend Crystal's son has the same. Both boys have had the surgery and they seem to be doing well. So don't get scared the doctors today seem to know what they are doing. If you need to talk I could always pass on their phone numbers to you.