Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A general all-round update

Grandpa is home...pardon me, at the cottage. He was sent home on Saturday and because he isn't that steady walking on his own yet, Grandma made the decision that they were going to the cottage so she didn't have to worry about him going up and down the stairs at the house. We were out on the weekend to see him and other than feeling sorry for himself he looked and sounded good. Curt thinks just us being there and seeing the boys lifted his spirits. I've been working on my stitching as well, sorry no photos but I got the last of the left side of the wedding blessing stitched and now I'm working across the bottom and I also started another baby one for a friend due in November. It has a lamb and puppy on it and has something small saying on it. I will take a photo of what I have done and then the pattern will be with me so I can let you know more details. I got the pattern out of one of the three books I own so I can say it was a "used" purchase now. And other than that I just seem busy...went to our cousins last Friday night for supper, the kids now outnumber the adults since they had twins in January and we had Caleb in April...I told them we should wait awhile before doing dinner again, until they are old enough to be left with a sitter or we can feed them pizza in front of a movie in the livingroom. We ended up eating in shifts! On to another thought (I seem to be rambling...) I have made plans with Christine of Coffee Cup Thoughts to do a stitch along this coming Sunday (July 16th) at my place, so if anyone else is reading this and lives within driving distance of Kingston, Ontario, please feel free to invite yourself along! We are doing a potluck supper and the kids are always here so a couple more won't ruin the carpet! Anyway, gotta go get some sleep, packing in the morning to head to the cottage again for a couple days while hubby is off...I don't think he realizes how much is involved with packing a three month old and a three and a half year old for even one day! I think this time I will pack extras that can stay there and then I won't have to pack them each time, they will just be there waiting for us! TTFN - ta ta for now! My next post should have some more cooking/baking as well as a few photos to share.


Wendy said...

How wonderful to hear that your Grandpa is home and doing better. I'm sure he will recuperate at the cottage much much more quickly than at home or at the hospital. Enjoy your couple of days there!

:-( I already have plans for Sunday to visit friends, but I would have loved to come to your get-together!