Sunday, July 02, 2006

A little happy dance

The baby rattle for my BF's little boy due the end of September is done! INSERT HAPPY DANCE HERE! I still have to add in the birth information like his name, date and weight but for now it is complete!

I've been a little off today, my dad called last night and my grandfather was hushed to the hospital yesterday morning and they believe he has suffered numerous mini strokes before a major one yesterday morning. I feel bad for my Mom, she couldn't get anyone to cover her shift at work yesterday or today so she is going this evening for the first time to see her dad. I just hope he is able to recover so he and grandma can continue to enjoy the cottage (it was theirs we were at last weekend) for the summer and maybe find somewhere new to live for the winter (they still live on a 100 acre farm, even though they aren't farming anymore). So, I guess we are in the wait and see stage. Mom said my uncle called this morning and grandpa is still pretty confused, doesn't know what year it is and wondered why my aunt wasn't with my uncle...they have been divorced about 20 years now. So if you pray, a little one for grandpa would be appreciated and if you don't then just cross your fingers he will recover from this.


Wendy said...

Congrats on getting your Rattle finished before the baby's birth! Its very sweet.

Sending good thoughts for your Grandpa's recovery! It must be a very trying time for all in your family.

Rebecca said...

Thanks Wendy!

Grandpa is doing much better, up and about and they figure he will be sent home before the weekend.

rathgild said...

Love the rattle.

Sorry to hear that your grandfather was unwell, but please to see from your comment that he's getting better. I'm not Christian but if your not offended by a Pagan sending healing energy, your grandfather can have all that I can muster.


Concetta said...

The baby rattle is adorable! What a thoughtful gift.