Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The English have landed!

Our friends from England arrived on Thursday evening safe and sound. I will get photos of them to post but at the moment, one is sleeping and the other two have headed off to go fishing with my hubby and his friend. I'm up on the computer, Cameron is watching CBC Kids and Caleb is asleep again in his seat on the kitchen table. This past weekend was busy but not with our company, they headed to Haliburton for the weekend and we headed to my parents to help put a new roof on at my grandparents. I think tonight we will be cruising from Ivy Lea on the St. Lawrence River with my aunt and uncle and are heading to Rockport for supper. Our only other plans are to head into Toronto next week to go to the Bass Pro Shop (yea...can you see my excitement building there?), the CN Tower and then to Medieval Times for supper and a show. And the rest of the time we will probably be at my grandparents cottage or just daytripping around home. Well, off to start another soggy hot day here in Ontario!


Andrew said...

Good luck surviving the "soggy hot day." We're getting all of your soggy wet weather leftovers down here in the Maritimes. Stay cool!

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