Thursday, September 14, 2006

And "IT" has started...

Cameron officially started school today! And surprising enough, not one single tear was shed from either of us. I wasn't sure he was going to go, it depended on how sick he seemed this morning. I was up at 6am nursing Caleb when I hear a little voice from the hall "Mom.....MOM! I get to go to school today...right?" How could I not let him go. So we gave him a dose of Dimetapp, put his rain gear on and headed out to meet the bus. I got a quick kiss before it arrived and he bounded up the steps without a backwards glance! I did get a call from the was a good news/bad news call. The good news was Cameron was doing fine...the bad news, they were going to be splitting the class because it was so large into two smaller groups (which is good news) and Cameron would have to change schedules, which now means he will be going on Mon/Wed and every other Friday, just as we got used to the Tues/Thurs and every other Friday. I did take pictures but have to load them yet so I will add them later.
***Edited to add photos on September 20th, his SECOND full day of school ***
Here he is in the outfit he picked out for his very first day, all by himself...camo fooler top and green matching cords. And the second photo is him in his rain gear, all ready to head out and wait for the bus. He looks real impressed in both but the one with his outside wear on has the best, eyes rolled back in the head look yet!