Friday, September 08, 2006

Top Tickers

You may have noticed this time when you logged in to check on me, that at the top of the page are two tickers...they are related! My baby brother is getting married next July and I am in the wedding the reason for the weightloss ticker is to keep me on track to lose some of this weight before I have to stand up with him and Sarah (my sister-in-law-to-be!). I have rejoined Beverly Hills Weight Management in Kingston which is where I lost 30 pounds prior to getting pregnant with Cameron and I haven't lost any since and I really do need to get some of this off. So, stay tuned, I'm sure you will hear me bitching and complaining in about three days time when I've been following the plan. MAKE ME STICK WITH IT. This may also make new recipes all by disappear from this blog but I'm sure I will sneak a couple in now and again. Oh well, off to do some stitching! AND DRINK MY WATER!


Wendy said...

Rebecca~How great that you have decided to take on a weight loss program. I'm sure you will feel much much better for it and think how much healthier you will be for your family. But I will admit to missing your recipes, and mouth watering pictures of all the goodies you bake!

Cheering you on!