Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Stitching update and the whirlwind of life!

Our wonderful company left us on Friday afternoon and we recieved a call from them on Saturday morning that they were back in Watford England, safe and sound. Since then, like has been a whirlwind around here with no sign of stopping in the near future! But before I blab on about that, here are updates on the two pieces of stitching that I have been working on.
First, the Happily Ever After, it doesn't look like I completed a lot since the last update but I had to frog almost all of the swirl and start again. I had used the wrong colour in one spot and miscounted in another! So working on this one when no little fingers are around.
And one that I don't believe I have posted about yet, Fall Y'All by Lizzie Kate. This one is for me. It is being stitched on Frosted Pumpkin from Silkweaver. I had to find something to work on that has blocks of colour as Caleb has found out a number of times now that throwing Mommy's box of thread across the room gets a great reaction! This is one that I can take a needle full of thread and stitch with him in the room as well. P.S. - it is a scarecrow
And now on to the whirlwind! Frank and Siobhan (pronounced Shivon) left on Friday afternoon and DH and I packed the boys in the truck and made a speedy trip to town for a few groceries and a present for wee Caleb. Saturday we had a birthday party for Caleb at noon hour. Hard to believe that on Thursday (April 19th) he will be one year old! It was a great day, my friend Corie and her DH and two children made the trek from Bowmanville for the event and her little guy Lucas is growing like a REAL bad weed! He makes Caleb look like a little pipsqueek! Here he is being a very happy boy on the kitchen table with my Dad holding him up.
And here is the birthday boy Caleb with his cake that his Nanny made him.
Saturday night we were off again to town for a 60th birthday dinner for my uncle. Sunday was spent returning all the things we borrowed while our company was here to their rightful owners (4-wheeler and trailer).
Monday, Cameron had school. Caleb and I went to play group and then I was invited to the school in the afternoon for Spring Tea, what an idea, go to spring tea in a snowstorm! The roads were not too bad but I'm glad I was only going as far as the school.
Today (Tuesday), we were home most of the day other than a trip to the dentist for myself (cleaning) and Cameron. It was Cameron's first time and he did a wonderful job and the dentist told him that he had AMAZING teeth so he has told everyone that since we got home. So, it is getting late and I'm tired so I'm off to bed....nighty night all.