Friday, January 22, 2010

Another finish, and another start

After our lovely evening with Beth, Trista and I decided late yesterday afternoon to have another session last night! So down we sat about 8pm until 11pm and we were stitching up a storm. Stay tuned to Trista's blog (My Life In Stitches) as I took pictures of what she was working on and I *KNOW* she will post...soon. But I finished up the JBW Snow Globe last night...if you look close the white "scattered" stitches are actually the word "SNOW" over and over again.

Which means I get to start my Ink Circles - Growth Rings! Here is the fabric and floss, 814 for the large parts with 336 complimenting that.
And here is my 20 minutes I got in before I had to head to bed.
Next week I'll be stitching with Trista on Tuesday and Thursday nights if anyone else is interested!


Chiloe said...

Beautiful finish !!! I really love it ;-)

Vonna said...

BEAUTIFUL finish and look at all those scattered stitches. Makes it beautiful though doesn't it?

Crazee4books said...

Hi Rebecca,

Your Snow Globe is gorgeous and
I am in awe over the white "snow"
all around the globe. It really
looks very cool, but I think that
I'd have gone nuts stitching all
of that white stuff.

Your color choices for Growth
Rings are beautiful and I can't
wait to see how the design looks
with the two threads together.
You seem to be a fan of Ink
Circles designs eh? Kaleidoscope
looks like a fun stitch. Love all
those glorious colors.

Lucky you being able to get
together with the other ladies
to stitch together. I've yet
to connect with any cross
stitchers in the Georgetown
area. It seems that all Ontario
stitchers live down your way.
How is that possible???

You do have a wonderful view
from your house. Interesting
to see the two versions of the
same view.


Kathy A. said...

Oh love that ornament. I have that one on my to do list!
I will look forward to Trista's blog. Let her know I will be a reader!!! have fun stitching.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Congrats on finishing your snow globe! I bet at times that background was a little monotonous. Congrats on starting growth rings! I wish I was closer so I could join you girls!